By Aecer's Light!

Created by Mad Jay

A zine for the Burning Wheel(and Dungeon World?) RPG featuring Roden, and Wolfen and bad Men, oh my!

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The Roden Tour is... -uhhh- Has sold out!
7 months ago – Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 08:56:13 PM

GenCon, Origins and the Big Bad Con rewards have sold out! Tables are FULL!

BIG Rat Ogre hug to the RooSack Gamers, you folks are Ratacular, see y'all at GenCon. I'll have a little extra cheese for the backers of all the table games!  Dang, I should have gotten tour tee shirts!!🤣

Over the years I've run Burning Wheel at conventions with new folks, I leaned heavily on the first 75 pages of the book. (Vs tests. Linked tests.) My best new player story happened at PAX Unplugged last year. A family, mom , dad and a son, came to play Burning Wheel with me. Their first RPG ...ever. They played Roden and it was perfect! They were naturals and I enjoyed watching them engage each other, the game and being Roden. Just using the first 75 pages. I saw them later in the day at the BW booth! Mom thought they needed a couple copies so dad could run the game at home!

 It was only when there were experienced players at the table that we'd take on a subsystem like Duel of Wits or Range and Cover.  I'm stepping up my game. I want to get new to BW players to be comfortable with the basic tests and  to experience one of these sub- systems in these new adventures. 

I'm looking forward to running the three different reward adventures. In The Bandit (of GenCon) we discover abandoned Roden nests and other Roden in the world. These vermin couldn't be more different, can they be friends or are they foes. The Origins of the Last Elf features the Elf in the tower above the Roden nest. He's been helpful over the seasons, though not all the Roden are aware of him. A dark secret is discovered that puts the nest in peril!  The Big Bad Wolf has the Roden dealing with an exiled Wolfen, that's devouring Roden. What will you do?

That's all for now, I've got this cheesy grin on my face thanks to you, Kickstarters!

Thank you.

-Mad Jay

I'm on Thoughty!
7 months ago – Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 05:00:48 AM

Brie and I talk about By Aecer's Light for Thoughty's Quick Shot.

Thanks Brie!

In the meanwhile...
7 months ago – Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 12:15:04 PM

I hear tell, these things get awfully quiet in the middle and more buzz again toward the end. 

There is a ton of analytics on the Kickstarter dashboard side. One can see the obvious metrics of backers across tiers, distribution of backers and referrals, etc. The one metric that drives me nuts is the one called followers

Followers are folks who have not yet backed your project, but expressed interest. There’s a bit over 100 in number for this Kickstarter! So the naturally I wonder are they waiting on me to do something? What do I do next? LOL! 

Maybe nothing, there is such a thing as too much data! 

I grew up in Jersey City, NJ at least until high school. It wasn’t until 6th grade when I was exposed to D&D. I played a thief. On a tomb raid I got killed when Tenser’s floating disc expired dropping a buttload of treasure on my thief..I was hooked! 

I sold Captain 'O' greeting cards to earn the Red Box set, and by my birthday I had gotten the AD&D DMG and taken over the DM duties of our group. That group was half young women and very multicultural. My gaming groups would go on to be pretty close to 50/50 male:females up until I joined the military.  

Traveller, Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP) and Rolemaster were the next games I would play. 

Champions and Shadowrun(1ED) were the big games I played a ton of in the military. There were short runs of other stuff, but these two were the mainstays. I also got into miniature wargaming at that time too. 

When I finally mustered out, it was miniature wargaming that became my focus. I refereed games for Rackham at Origins and GenCon in their early days. I earned a hoard of beautiful Rackham miniatures. 

3rd Edition D&D and the Conan D20 were the founding games of my corporate job D&D group. It was then I began looking for something more than what D&D was providing. Sorcerer RPG grabbed my attention, my group talked big, but didn’t bite. But then Burning Wheel 1ED got them excited, we got it to the table. And it broke them. We fought, argued and disbanded. I wanted to try something new, they did not —but wouldn’t say so and turtled up at our first BW session. 

I assembled/found two new folks, we had some great Burning Wheel adventures back then. One of them I still game and am close to today, the other is always welcomed back to our table, life had different plans for him for a bit. 

So there was always gaming in my life and I’m grateful. 

But I still hate okra, never gonna eat it. 

So, that’s me Kickstarter. I leave you with some Kurt Komoda magic! 

P.S. Mark, I'm looking into those Wolfen BW lifepaths, stay tuned! 🤔 

--Mad Jay

Roden veteran by Kurt Komoda
Roden veteran by Kurt Komoda

Of Wolfen
8 months ago – Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 05:10:05 AM

Rackham's Confrontation game
Rackham's Confrontation game

Palladium did a couple of sourcebooks about wolfen decades ago. I remember my mind was blown, bipedal wolves with armor and swords --inconceivable!  Over the years there have been many versions of the Wolfen. My favorite of all time are the Rackham Wolfen from the miniature skirmish game Confrontation. Soooo HAWT! These Rackham sculpts are how I see the Wolfen in 'By Aecer's Light'.  

I mean look at these models/images!

Wolfen come from elsewhere, Elves brought them here to fight in the Elven wars then the Wolfen were abandoned after the songs of peace were sung. Wolfen are savage, for sure. They are a scattered people today, hostile to non-Wolfen, they do not trust easy and for sure not Elves. However, they make friends to the death. 

Wolfen are the closest neighbors of the Roden. They share river access mostly and are largely neutral toward each other. There are individuals that would see that changed!

The Wolfen will be a playable class in the Dungeon World, but not in Burning Wheel, that effort is a task for another day!

Until next time Kickstarters!

-Mad Jay

Dungeon World Stretch Goal!
8 months ago – Mon, Mar 04, 2019 at 10:03:40 AM

With the Dungeon World stretch goal we will join forces with Johnstone Metzger, the creator of the fantastic Dungeon Planet and the amazing Space Wurm vs Moonicorn! Johnstone will write By Aecer's Light content useable with the Dungeon World RPG --moving us one step closer to Burning Wheel World Apocalypse!! 

This stretch goal is for all backers.  It'll include using Roden (and Wolfen) as playable DW races. We'll set up fronts and dangers for the setting and some unique moves -because you gotta have moves!

Take care Kickstarters!

-Mad Jay

DW Inside!
DW Inside!